Since 1977 we have the kennelname Merriness.
We started our breeding with English Cocker Spaniels.
The name is from the english standard;
"The Cocker Spaniel should have a tail showing Merriness.... "
We raised Cocker spaniels between 1977-2004.

It was thirty years with many puppies,hunting trials, shows and many good friends.
Even engagement in boardwork at lokal and regional level


By a happy coincidence we met Peadars Gift "Olivia",
a black rescue Greyhound from Ireland, and it was love at first sight!

After a year we want another one. You can't have just one Greyhound!
This time we knew exactley what we wanted.
After many hours of locking at pictures, we found our perfect greyhound.
It was "Nellie" Nord Ch Another Story Magic Moment.

And 2007 we got this long-avaited
"Grace" Another Story Waiting For The Sun,
a granddaughter to Nellie.........

"Grace", 8 weeks with her grandmother "Nellie", 11,5 years.

When Olivia passed away in 2013 Grace was very lonely.
Now we were allowed to borrow our latest favorite among Another Story's puppies.
It was "Line" who became the new companion to Grace.

Grace 2007-2017


Finally we have updated our homepage, Merriness Greyhounds !

In may 2014 we moved to our paradise, The Mill, outside Åryd.
It's about 15 km east of Växjö in the south of Sweden.

We, Brith o Mats, live here with our two Greyhounds, Grace and Line.
They run freely all over the place and only stop for taking a bath.

We also have three sheep and a cat.

We also have two sheeps,
ULL-rika and ULL-iana and
a halv-tailess little cat named Siri.

Now it's time for a new update.....

After living in the actual Mill for six years,
we decided to change accommodations and moved into the Miller’s house,
also on our property.

Last summer we used it as a Bed & Breakfast for summer guests,
but we fell in love with the wonderful cottage,
so we moved up the hill instead. /November 2019

Our youngest son and his family take over the Mill,
so now we have some of our grandchildren very close to us.

And for our greyhounds,
Lisa, Line and Albert.
"Albert" , Telegram Another Story came to us 2017.
He is the father of our puppies Charlie (2017), Lego and Lisa (2018).
Lisa is living with us.

We have a very large fenced yard and the dogs is always run freely.
And you can be sure they do!
And after the run they usually take a cooling bath.

This is life in the countryside when it's the best!!!!


Now it's soon autumn again!
Since 2021 we have lost our blue beautiful greyhound "Albert",
and our little cat Siri. So incredibly sad..

Both Mats and I have retired from our jobs
so now we are having all day free.
And we just love it and enjoy every minute...

Now we only have two greyhounds left....

We have our "Lisa", who just turned four and "Line", she is over eleven years old

This is "Lisa",
She has become a Swedish Showchampion, Danish Showchampion,
Swedish Lure Coursing Champion and Danish Lure Coursing Champion
We are so proud....

Merriness Easy Choice

And this is "Line",
She is a Internationell Showchampion...photo from her eleventh birthday...
Another Story White Summer Beach

We had a very, very sad ending of 2022!
We had to say goodbuy to our beautiful "Line" , CIB Another Story White Summer Beach.
We hope she have had a wonderful life with us in 11,5 years. We miss her so much

We had great succes with "Lisa", Merriness Easy Choice 2022!
She got two new titles and we are so proud!!!!
Danish Lure Coursing Champion and Norweigen Lure Coursing Champion.

Before that she is a Swedish and Danish Show Champion



With "Lisa" we have a great target this year!
We want to participant in World Champion Ship in Lure Coursing!!!!
We want her to become a International Beauti Champion
and a Danish Beauty and Performance Champion!

But most of all; we want to have a great year with much sunshine
and that the whole family may be healthy.....