Little "Line" ... (to the left)

SE NO DK UCh NJV-12 Another Story White Summer Beach

"Elliot",BIS CIB Nord Ch Norw. W-10 CPHW-11 Epic Genuine -
"Elli", N S Dk Uch BIS Another Story Here Comes The Sun och
Born 2/7 2011
Breeder: Yvonne Karlsson & Siw Tonje Bjerkelund
Owner: Brith o Mats Olsson, Yvonne Karlsson o Siw Tonje Bjerkelund


has grown up.....
27/7 2013
, 2 years

Now 4 years....

Two BOG-3 in 2015.
SKK INT Malmö and SKK INT Ronneby
#4 Greyhound female in Sweden 2015!

and she is best friend with "Grace"
SE UCh Another Story Waiting for The Sun...

This is a common day in Line´s and Grace´ life.
They run freely all over the place and hunting each other...all day...