16/4 2023
The first LC competition of the year.
"Lisa" got very high score in the first race ,
but due to a couple of skids in the second race,
the total score become less good...
She ended up on second place after
"Xylos" from Denmark,
Kirsten & Kim- Congratulations!

Thank you so much for the photo Dan G W Hansson

22/1 2023
We are so proud!!!!!!
Our "Lisa" is qualified Nr 1
in The Swedish Team World Championship Lure Coursing 2023


17/10 2022

Merriness Easy Choice, "Lisa"

INT Lure Coursing 16/10 2022 Trögstad, Norge...


10/7 2022

SE DK UCH, SE DK LC CH, DKJUCH o Roskildevinnare'22
Merriness Easy Choice "Lisa"
Domare Villem Vermaut, D och Anette Nyholm, DK

"Lisa" got 346 points and got The Danish CAC
to be a Danish Lure Coursing Champion...

"Lisa" and "Xylos"
CH Merriness Easy Choice and DK LC CH Eikica Xylos
Owner Kirsten Foldager o Kim Hansen, Denmark...
Domare Villem Vermaut D and och Anette Nyholm, DK


12/6 2022
LC training, Grimslöv...

SE DK UCH SE LC CH DKJUCH Roskildevinnare'22
Merriness Easy Choice o
SE DK NO UCH Telegram Another Story


26/5 2022
Now we are leaving for
VM in Lure Coursing,
Kalajoki, Finland...

Here is the place for the competition, sand, sand and sand....

Meeting with the Swedish teamleader
Robert Dirksen...

Sweden meets Finland,
Diana Lampinen and
Estet Classic Spring Is Here...

and here is the crazy one...
Tiina Vaittinen...
You can see for yourselves...

Time for the veterinary check....ok...

Here is our very good friend
from Norway,
Roy Tore Trøan med
Rappfotens Ninni Laga for Lerke.

Now it's time for controll of ID number...

And here we go.... Lisa is competing with
Royal Bunnycatcher's Athene,
owned by Inis Roth from Germany...

Lisa did a fantastic first run and is now on the fifth place with 253 points.
Very Very Good, Lisa!!

But on the second run something happend!
She couldn't continue the race,
she suddenly limped and stop running...
So now we just have to go home...

So sad, but the most important thing is that she seems ok!!
The veterinary checked her all over...

Now she has to rest all the way back to Sweden!

It has been a fantastic journey,
200 km to drive
and about 18 hours on boat!
But it has been amazing..
So many good friends we have meet,
and our finnish family has taken so good care of us...
Thank you Tiina and Mika Vaittinen

Hope to see you soon again...


The Swedish Team.....

24/4 2022

We are so proud!!!!!
"Lisa" are qualified for the Swedish Team in Lure Coursing
i Kalajoki, Finland


3/4 2022
First national lure coursing trial this year in N Åsum today
First place:
SE UCH DK UCH SE LC CH Merriness Easy Choice, "Lisa"
Second place:
DK LCC Eikica Xquisite Xylos, "Xylos"
Owner: Kirsten Foldager o Kim Hansen, Denmark

We just love "Lisas" coat...


The Lure Coursing Greyhound number 1 in Sweden 2021 is:
SE DK UCH SE LC CH Merriness Easy Choice "Lisa"

photo: Kaj Fröling, EM EEn 2021

19/3 2022
First Lure Coursing Training for the Year...
SE DK UCH SE LC CH Merriness Easy Choice "Lisa"
and her brother
Merriness First In Line, owner Petra Stigemyr...

SE DK UCH SE LC CH Merriness Easy Choice "Lisa"
and her father
SBIS SE DK NO UCH Telegram Another Story "Albert"

Merriness First In Line,"Charlie" owner Petra Stigemyr...





Lure Coursing klubb Södras Klubbmästerskap 7/11 2021

"Lisa" BOB and totaly number five of 34 sighthounds...


21/10 2021 Een, The Netherlands....
EM European Coursing Championship 2021

"Lisa Larsson"
Merriness Easy Choice
place number six in a very strong starting field

We are so proud!

Over 800 Sighthounds participated from 22 countries...

Thank you, Thomas Brandt for beeing the Swedish flag bearers...

The results...

"Lisa" got a beautiful necklace....

Here are some pictures from the competition...
1.Photo Kaj Frøling

2.Photo Kaj Frøling

3. Photo Kaj Frøling

4. Photo  Elles Dijkman

Thank you for the applause...very nice audience...

The Swedish Team...


Nationellt LC prov Mariestad, LCK Västra
2/10 2021
Domare Camilla Johansson och Christian Dirksen
1. Cert, Ny Svensk, Dansk o Norsk Lure Coursing Champion
CH Estet Classic Cashmere,
Äg Marlén Melender o Roy Tore Trøan, Norge
2. Ch Merriness Easy Choice
Ägare Brith o Mats Olsson

11/9 2021
A brandnew Swedish Lure Coursing Champion!

Nationellt prov, Gusum

Merriness Easy Choice "Lisa"

We are so proud...
A big "Thank you" to the judges
Camilla Johansson and Thomas Brandt


Here we go...
"Lisa" and "Alætte" from Norway...
Ch Estet Classic Cashmere

The pilots...

Finally we got it....after about 850m...

The award ceremoni...
1. CAC and new Swedish Lure Coursing Champion
SE DK UCh DKJCh Merriness Easy Choice

2. Ch Estet Classic Cashmere
Owner is Marlén Melender and
Roy Tore Trøan, Norway..
They are very good friends to us...


18/8 2021


14/8 2021
LC training for "Charlie"
Merriness First In Line
Owner: Petra Stigemyr
He just loves it...

8/8 2021
Today we went to Cimbria for training "Lisa" on a track.
She just loved it, she runs two laps, very very fast...

And we will go there again, definitly...

2/8 2021
Nationell Lure Coursing Competition in Katrineholm...
"Lisa" did great, we are so proud of her!
DKJCH Merriness Easy Choice, Best greyhound with CAC
(just one more to go...)
326 p...

DKJCH Merriness Easy Choice "Lisa" 1:a CAC
CH Estet Classic Cashmere, "Alette" 2:a.
Owner Marlén Melander o Roy Tore Trøan, Norge
So nice to meet you!

Now I'm ready...
And we are ready to go for EM in The Netherlands in october...
Only greyhound in the Swedish National Team!!!

Our "Albert", CH Telegram Another Story is also qualified,
but he will stay at home...

11/7 2021
LC training in Torne
Finally Albert could enjoy running...
and he was very happy...

and Lisa did very vell usual...


5/6 2021
Finally some training again...

DKJCH Merriness Easy Choice, "Lisa"...

Merriness First In Line, "Charlie". Äg Petra Stigemyr...


10/2 2021

EM is moved to Holland in October 2021!!!!!

3/1 2021

A very nice start of this year!

We don’t know if there will be an European Champion Chip 2021 in Hungary but if,
we have two of our Greyhounds, one from our own breeding,
that qualified in the original team ❤

DKJCH Merriness Easy Choice as number three in the team and
SE DK NO UCH Telegram Another Story as number ONE

We are so proud.......




Årets nr 2 Vinstrikaste Lure Coursing tik 2020 !!!!!!
DKJ CH Merriness Easy Choice, "Lisa"

Årets Vinstrikaste Lure Coursing hane 2020 !!!!!!
Ch Telegram Another Story, "Albert"

25/10 2020
LC tävling Katrineholm SVVK

"Lisas" första tävling och hennes första cert!!!
Vi är så stolta över DKJCH Merriness Easy Choice

"Albert" Telegram Another Story
har inte kommit upp till sin vanliga kapacitet ännu efter sin brutna tå,
men gjorde ett bra lopp ändå.

I väntan på prisutdelning! Så spännande....

Å det gick ju bra!!! Lisas första cert i Lure Coursing!!


Idag kom den .....



Vilken Merriness LC dag!!!

DKJCH Merriness Easy Choice "Lisa" har klarat sin LC licens!!

Merriness First In Line "Charlie" har klarat sitt första licenslopp!! Äg Petra Stigemyr

Merriness LC Syskon, Lisa & Charlie

Yngsta åskådaren, Jacob


DKJCH Merriness Easy Choice "Lisa" har klarat sitt andra licenslopp!!!!!






DKJCH Merriness Easy Choice har idag klarat sitt första licenslopp!!



Vilket fantastiskt roligt mejl vi fick idag!
"Grattis Mats & Brith, er hund Telegram Another Story har kvalificerat sig
som ordinarie deltagare
med plats nummer 1 till EM i Lure Coursing i Ungern 2020"



LC Södras Klubbmästerskap i Rolsmo 26/10 2019
GRATTIS  Petra o Charlie till Bästa Greyhound!!!
1 Merriness First In Line, "Charlie".
2. Merriness Easy Choice, "Lisa"
3. Ch Telegram Another Story, "Albert"




SE DK NO UCh Telegram Another Story
Nationell LC Hovdala Slott o uttagning till EM Estland


9/3 2019
Telegram Another Story "Albert" fick sin LC licens

LC träning

Telegram Another Story "Albert"


Merriness First in Line "Charlie"


Merriness Easy Choice "Lisa"

Merriness Easy Choice "Lisa"




Olivia running for licens in Torup, 2006.
Photo: Cia Almqvist

2006. LC-training in Målilla. Fr v Eva Karlsson,
Mats and Olivia and Anna Id with Melanie

2006. LC-training in Målilla

Running for Licens in Målilla, 2006.
Photo: Cia Almqvist

Test in Målilla, 2007.
Photo: Cia Almqvist

LC-premiere in Målilla ...